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Sericulture farming

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Sericulture farming

Many areas of Stung Treng rely on farming as the sole income for their families. There are challenges for local farmers with drought and flood and risky crops such as rice can lose their value with one flash flood for example. Many of the crops grown in the region have low value per hector keeping the farmers in a poverty cycle regardless of their hard labor and investment.

There is an increased demand for Cambodian golden silk, as currently Cambodian golden silk growers provide only 2% of the need for silk in Cambodia. 98% is bought in from China and Vietnam. The Ministry of Commerce and International Trade supports the increase in building up the sericulture farming sector believing that this will retain value in country, offer the consumer a 100% Khmer silk product, increase skills and employment opportunities.

Through developing a Sericulture Program at SWDC we can assist in this vision, develop skills locally, generate income and increase employment in Stung Treng region. Mulberry is a hardier crop and potentially provides more profit to the farmer per hector, benefiting farmers in local villages. SWDC also provides the opportunity to buy cocoons directly from the farmer and reel them on site, directly increasing skill development with the SWDC's center. This process also provides the opportunity to produce a 100% Cambodian product and a 100% Stung Treng silk product for Mekong Blue.

The center now boasts a Sericulture Training Center on site and a small hobby farm for training and showcasing the complete process of silk production. Our Sericulture Program has the potential to generate more opportunities that benefit our community. This program is funded by Allen Foundation - our sincerest gratitude for their generosity and continued support.

Silkworm rearing Producing the golden cocoons Cambodian golden silk cocoons


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