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School sponsorship

School sponsorship

Improve standards of living and increase opportunities through education programs in health and literacy.


School sponsorship

Education is one of the biggest challenging issues in Cambodia. School attendance is compulsory, but limited facilities make it unenforceable. Education is also not valued by many parents as they have not seen the benefit of it in their own lives or in the lives of their parents. Attending school is also costly for many and takes away valuable labor required on family farms. These ingredients make it impossible for many children or adults to get the chance of any education or a complete education.

Offering support for local children in Stung Treng to receive an education gives relief to struggling families. Education generates opportunities that have a long term positive benefit to the children's lives and that of their families. Children from the women and men's families who participate in our programs at SWDC and also children from some of the poorest villages in the area are offered the opportunity to participate in our School Sponsorship program. Children who attend our Child Care Program are automatically supported by this program when they begin public school. Support ranges for children 5 to 15 years old and most of these children are given continuous support through school.

From 2002 to 2010 SWDC supported over 685 children in this program. Since 2006 SWDC has sponsored 100 students every year.

Children participating in SWDC's School Sponsorship Program are given a pack that helps support them through their schooling year. This is received twice a year and some children are given additional support if special needs come up through the year. This pack contains:

  • Books
  • Stationary
  • A set of school uniform
  • Sandals
  • Some money towards classes
  • Bicycles - if the children live far way from the school or the families are struggling, as the addition of a bicycle can help not only the children but many members of the family

A special prize is given to any child who is the top student in their class.

This program is helping to keep children at school benefiting them and their family's future and increasing the literacy rate in our community.


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