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Mekong Blue retail shops

Mekong Blue retail shops

Provide employment opportunities that pay a livable wage, encourage personal development and valuable on the job training.

Encourage professional competence, ethical practice and quality results through ongoing training and support activities.


Phnom Penh Stores

With initial funding from Lonely Planet Foundation, and continued support from the Allen Foundation, mekong blue opened a showroom in Phnom Penh in November 2007. Additionally, there is a small store in the Intercontinental Hotel in Phnom Penh. The Phnom Penh stores provide a tangible experience for customers of Mekong Blue: there they can experience the colors and textures of Mekong Blue silk products.

The Mekong Blue retail stores in Phnom Penh employ 5 women, 3 of whom are SWDC tailors from Stung Treng. These tailors are hard at work creating purses, belts, ties, bags, and clothing with the silk fabric woven in the Stung Treng center.


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