Our supporters

Our supporters

At SWDC we would not be able to grow or offer opportunities to our local women or community without the support of many people and organizations. Assistance has come in many forms, from large or small financial assistance to the donation of stationary for the school sponsorship program, sewing machines for the weaving center, a bag of raw silk to fulfill an order for mekong blue, or simply the purchase from our Mekong Blue product range.

Additionally, the sharing of knowledge and advice has been, and will continue to be, gratefully embraced and appreciated. Many thanks go to all our donors for their past and present support. Without your help, Stung Treng Women's Development Center would not be able to continue its vision of a society where women are respected as equal productive citizens. Your assistance and support assembles our ideas and dreams and makes them a reality that benefits so many.

This list represents many of our past and present supporters and some have provided a link to their email or website so you may contact them about their involvement with SWDC.


Organizations currently supporting SWDC:


Individuals supporting SWDC:

  • Mr. Christophe Dousett
  • Ms. Makiko Kinoshita
  • Ms. Kaoru Kinoshita
  • Mr. Patrick Lanfranconi
  • Mr. Hugues Robert-Nicoud
  • Mr. David Shamash and Mrs. Diana Shamash
  • Mr. Michael Sheppard
  • Mr. David Wright
  • Ms. Rachael Cummings
  • Ms. Ann Canavan
  • Ms. Farhana Ahmed
  • Ms. Rebecca Seger
  • Mr. Scott McDougal
  • Mr. Lee Miller and Mrs.Theresa Miller
  • Ms. Mia Wood
  • Ms. Gayle Jordan
  • Mr. Christopher Sanders and Mrs. Hannah Temple        
  • Mr. Roger Nault
  • Ms. Pam Gantly
  • Ms. Rebecca Dove
  • Ms. Nikki Wale
  • Dr. Jean-Philippe Dousset
  • Ms. Cora Van Leeuwen
  • Ms. Kathy Hill
  • Ms. Jennie Harmston
  • Mr. Will Mason
  • Mrs. Ann Walling
  • Amy Seigenthaler
  • Anthony Dukes
  • Mike Cussen
  • Mitch Boult
  • Pauline Mc Carthy
  • Men Sinoeun
  • Nueo Kassie
  • Hunter Hodge

If you would like to support us in anyway at Stung Treng Women's Development Center feel free to email us about your interest at

SWDC is a member of Artisans' Association of Cambodia.


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