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Mekong blue is a product with spirit and truly a pleasure to own.

The SWDC campus in Stung Treng includes two weaving houses: the first opened in 2003 and the second opened in 2005. As of today (August, 2011), 70 women are employed by SWDC. Thirty-eight looms and 3 sewing machines are steadily busy as these employees create beautiful mekong blue products. Proudly, we are a member of Artisan Association of Cambodia, a local Cambodian group helping vulnerable people in handicrafts and showcasing quality Cambodian silk.

Mekong blue has made a name for itself as one of the finest silk products in Cambodia. The women at SWDC are producing silk products that are high quality, unique, and UNESCO award winners, winning the Seal of Excellence for scarves in both 2004 and 2005. We work with attention to detail. Our silk products are known for their durable solid weave and creative traditional or modern designs. Mekong blue silk products are 100% handcrafted and made of 100% natural silk fibers with natural non-toxic German dye. This is the charm and spirit of mekong blue.

We produce a growing range of products and currently have 250 colors and over 100 mekong blue patterns and designs. We also encourage our buyers to create their own design, which helps develop further technical and creative skills for the women, building their confidence and knowledge.

Through our small-scale sericulture center, SWDC is able to weave scarves made from indigenous Cambodian Golden Silk. Mekong blue is looking at a future where our products are not only made in Cambodia but also using 100% locally grown silk.


Our Products:

  • Silk Scarf - a great adaptable piece of clothing which suits everybody and showcases silk at its best
  • Bedding - a true luxury to sleep with
  • Homewares – will compliment your home and style
  • Clothing - made to order and elegant to wear
  • Fabric - made to suit your needs, it would tempt you to want more
  • Accessories - a stunning way to compliment your outfit



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