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Carpentry and Building Training

Carpentry and Building Training

Break the cycle of poverty through vocational training in skills that increase employment opportunities and income generation.

Encourage professional competence, ethical practice and quality results through on going training and support activities.


Vocational Training - Carpentry and Building

Skill development is vital in Cambodia and particularly remote region of the country, as access to services is limited and employment opportunities or general needs often need to be created or self resolved as they are frequently not provided. By offering training in transferable and practical skills such as carpentry and building, employment options and independence are increased.

SWDC moved from our small house in Stung Treng town to a site in Sre Po village, 4kms out of town. The need to develop the site to house and compliment our project was taken on as an opportunity to assist the local men from the poor village that surrounds the SWDC. Designed and engineered by Kim Dara Chan (one of the founders of SWDC) the development of the new center was seen as a chance to employ and train these men, increasing their skills, income generation and future employment prospects.


Training includes:

  • Building Construction - concreting, framing , brick laying, rendering and roofing
  • Toilet Construction - Plumbing, Septic Tank Systems
  • Carpentry - furniture, weaving looms
  • Finishing - staining, detailing, and polishing

Continuation and support for training is crucial to developing the men's skills. Training builds technical skills, demonstrates how to work safely and is appealing to future employers. As they develop more skills they increase their confidence and their on the job experience enables them to offer advice and practical skills that improves the living standards of their own homes and villages.

Recently, this program has been downsized because there is not much construction work to be done on the SWDC campus.


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